Will your loved ones know what to do when you pass away?

Millions of people die each year without a will, estate plans, or instructions for their loved ones. Imagine the chaos and heartache your family would face without clear guidance. Don’t leave your legacy to chance! Without proper planning, your loved ones could be overwhelmed with administrative burdens, legal battles, and unanswered questions during one of the most challenging times of their lives.

LyfeShare is the cutting-edge platform that ensures your affairs are in order, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Securely store, manage, and share crucial documents and information with your trusted circle of family and friends. Protect your legacy and ensure your loved ones are prepared by making vital information readily accessible in the event of your untimely death. With LyfeShare, you can avoid leaving your family in turmoil and give them the support they need when it matters most.

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Why lyfeShare ?

LyfeShare is more than just a storage solution—it’s a comprehensive support system designed to ease your worries and empower your future. Join a supportive community where you can access bereavement support, legal and financial advice, and educational webinars, all aimed at guiding you through the complexities of end-of-life planning.

Our patent-pending technology offers a unique, secure system for storing and sharing essential documents and legacy information when it’s needed most. With LyfeShare, you can organize your digital assets and set access permissions for your trusted network, ensuring your important personal and legal documents are managed and passed on securely and efficiently, either instantly or on a scheduled release.

How LyfeShare Works

Create Your Account

An individual will create a LyfeShare Vault account, this individual will be known as the Prime Account Holder.

Profile Creation & Syncing

An individual will create a LyfeShare Vault account, this individual will be known as the Prime Account Holder.

Buddy setup

Connect and collaborate securely with LyfeShare’s Buddy Invitation process. Simply send an invite to family or friends, granting them access to shared documents, ensuring seamless collaboration within your trusted circle.

Account Verification Period

The account verification period is the time interval you establish to confirm your continued control over your account. Failing to complete this verification prompts LyfeShare to initiate a verification process, beginning with contacting your designated Sub-Prime Account Holder, should any concerns arise about your well-being or account’s security.

Folder Creation & Syncing

Easily organize your documents with LyfeShare’s intuitive folder creation feature. Just choose a category, name your folder, and start organizing your files for streamlined access and management.

Account Managing & Syncing

All that’s left for you to do is effortlessly manage your LyfeShare account with user-friendly tools designed for simplicity and efficiency. Update personal information, customize security settings, and control document access, all within a few clicks for a personalized experience.


What Makes LyfeShare Unique

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Time Capsule Sharing

You can designate specific documents or files to be shared with chosen contacts at a future date, ensuring timely access during important life events or emergencies.

One-Click Asset Sharing

With a simple click, securely share essential assets like documents, photos, videos, and files within a closed network.

Exclusive Vault Access

LyfeShare offers exclusive vault access ensuring heightened security and confidentiality for your stored data


from our clients

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When my husband passed, we couldn’t find anything. The chaos severely affected our ability to grieve and made it virtually impossible to settle his affairs. With LyfeShare, I am now confident that our family will never have to face those issues again.

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LyfeShare gives me the peace of mind I need. As a mother of three and the Executor of both my parents’ estates, I can keep everything organized and share what I want, when I want. I sleep well at night now, knowing that my legacy is safe and secure with LyfeShare.

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After facing several serious health challenges recently, having a LyfeShare account has truly given me a new level of peace. All my important documents are securely stored, and I know that if something happens to me, my legacy will live on. LyfeShare has been a blessing during these uncertain times

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